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In 1998(during the height of the late nineties Trance scene) I traded a pair of snowboarding boots for a pair of turntables and some software ("Midi Man" and Cake Walk's first program ever! "Groove Maker") I combined a few bad techno samples with a few more bad techno samples and bang boom beep beap.. I made my first hit! My friends were also starting to DJ and purchase gear. With a SP12, an MC-303Groove Box and some tables we set off. My love for "the music," along with some push from friend/collaborator LEXIS aka Jay Hurst(co owner of IMAGIMOCEAN RECORDS) has kept me steady on the path. In 2003 I left Los Angeles, CA (not my home town of Denver) and moved to Orlando, Fl. to attend Full Sail and receive a degree in Recording Arts. After finishing school, I drove to New York City and went to work in several well-known recording studios in NYC. I had the good opportunity to work with and around some of the most talented engineers and producers in the music industry. As I continue sculpting the electronic sounds, I am looking forward to being a creative part of "the music." "Music is explosion!" Azmatec's First Release "Falling" hit Beatport March 20th 2009! I spent most of 2009 playing live shows of my original material (see "live at lake johnson" ) at underground venues in Brooklyn. In 2010 and on, I hope to see you round your favorite local NYC/BROOKLYN spots!
THREE AND A HALF FLAVORS OF 2010 by Azmatec (auxiliary Page)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Azmatec "Falling" available on beatport

Azmatec's First Release available on Beatport March 20th

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